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Seat Rails Failed - Removing Seats


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I'm new to the forum and looking for some advise.

The Mrs has a 2005 Colour Collection Corolla and both the seats are stuck in position due to the seat rail sliders failing. The pins that lift the bar to change the position of the seat have snapped, its a design flaw IMO but the car is long out of warranty. I can manually move the seat by lifting the bar with a screw driver but this is obviously not very practical!

I want to remove both seats and fix this myself but before I dive in I wanted to check if there will be any issues if I disconnect the airbags/sensors under the seat? Also any tips/links for removing the seats would be great.

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

PS I did a search on this topic but couldn't find anything so sorry if this questions has been asked before (I imagine it has).

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very easy fix. Only four bolts hold on each seat. two at the front and two at the back then simply unclip pressure pad etc from under the seat and its out. No issue uncliping them as long as out remember to clip them back in when you replace the seat. Mine broke too. I took the seat out and rewelded a new bar in.

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