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Engine Light Showing And Passenger Window Not Working


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Hi all just wondering if you can help me with my problem, I have a 2002 celica last week the car seemed as if it ran out of petrol and died so i topped up and noticed it still wasnt starting as if the Battery had died. so I jumpstarted it and it has worked fine since, but the next day I noticed the engine light came on and at the same the passenger side electric window button doesnt work when I try to open/close.

Just wondering if this is something you guys are familar with?

Thanks for reading.

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The reason your passenger window isn't working, is likely to be that you have inadvertently pressed the window lock switch with your right knee. Don't be embarrassed, you aren't the first, and won't be the last :D

The CEL/MIL needs investigating with an OBDII code reader, they're not expensive to buy if you're unable to borrow one. If you need to, post up the code readout on here, and someone will identify where the fault lies.

HTH :)

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As above.

Passenger window switch can be disabled by pressing a switch on your side of the car. It witll have an image of a Window on it with a X on it. On Gen7 I think it's near the Ignition switch.

CEL is seperate issue, Reset ECU or get a code reader. Code readers (OBD11) are on eBay for about £25 or find a member local who has one and borrow that for 10 mins.

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