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Back From Germany - Nurburgring / Yokohama's


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Back from Germany, I just love that place !

Diesel is the cheapest fuel at the moment, paid about 1.33 Euro's !! It also amazes me the amount of beer, wine and !Removed! you can buy at the petrol stations !! Pretty safe drivers tho ! ha ha

Mild at the moment so not much snow :crybaby:

The Nurburgring was an amzing place ! All my doubts in Yokohama tyres vanished when I saw their impressive showroom along with the impressive cars wearing Yokohama's :thumbsup:

In the end I found a local Thule Hire company near me in Lancashire that hired me the racks and pod and a reasonable £85 for 10 days.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2012, thanks you for all your advice in 2011 :yes:

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I was in Nurburgring place years ago when I won a competition in Royal mail for selling the most overseas contracts... great time ! Would love to take number 1 RAV there now !!

Yes, its a great place. They have a huge roller coaster there now - unfortunatley not open when we went :angry:

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