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2010 Avensis Door Locks Help.


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Hi All

I have 2010 avensis 4 door, with CVT Auto, when I get out of the car the rear doors are locked and dont auto unlock, I have read the manual and followed the instructions put to allow the doors to unlock when the drivers door is opened, "the key in ignition and turn to on, put the gear selector into N and press and hold the unlock door button for 5 seconds, it does say that when the cycle is complete the doors will lock and unlock, but this does not happen, and the rear doors remain locked.

anyone got any experience of this?

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Well spoke to dealer, who confirmed the behaviour is for the rear doors to remain locked, untill the driver unlocks them via the master door switch or from the key fob, the only option is to turn off the auto locking doors.


On all my previous car Volvos, Renaults, Fiats, when the driver opens his door the others all open. a pecularity to Toyota... unless someone knows different!

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Mines the same, and my 58' Passat did this if you locked the doors manually it didnt have auto lock. When i stop i just press the button on the door and everyone can get out, unless the child locks are on of course.

People cant pinch stuff from the seats if the doors remain locked.

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Success, finally managed to get all the doors to unlock once i put it into Park :clap:

I was sat in a queue so turned the engine off and decided to give it one last try.

The key in the in the ignition, in Park, press and hold the unlock button for a count of 5, turned the key to ignition position 2 then held the unlock button down for a count of 5, then released it, the doors the locked and unlocked themselves..

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