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Injector Cleaner


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got this stuff here in local car parts shop and think its the dogs balls

ive tried all the other fuel additives/cleaners and the best has been millers so far! even had that bg244 stuff and for the price of it i didnt think it was that good.this new cleaner is great. even when the engine at cold start was very lumpy its all but gone can hardly notice it now!its called universal fuel system cleaner from SOLV.it cleans pumps,injectors,lambda sensors ,cats,and particulate filters and more i have it in my 03 406 hdi with over 150000 on the clock and its as smooth and quiet it has ever been.i then put some in the 06 avensis 2.0d4d and the poor MPG i had has improved its great stuff like i say the millers eco-max has been the best so far and this is right up there with it.just wanted to know if any 1 else has tried it?i think they are based here in n.ireland. you can e.mail the guy from the company to see where else sells it? dermot.hughes@virgin.net

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Mnay fuel additives will enhance either the octane or cetane level thus giving slightly improved performance. Obviously this effect will only last as long as it is in the fuel.

Personally I have never used a fuel additive in over 40 years of driving as I take the view if it needs an additive then something ain't running correctly so I choose to fix the problem.

I appreciate many people swear by the stuff but in my opinion I think you need to factor in the placebo effect.

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We were chatting about this in work today. Common rail diesels run at such high pressures that we came to the conclusion that injector cleaner was unecessary. Anything that can withstand those pressures isn't coming off.

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