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Remove 2003 Corolla T3 Hatchback Door Inner Panel

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I am trying to get in to the innards of the hatchback door on my 2003 Corolla T3 to replace the number plate light. I can't find any advice on how to remove the lining. Any advice that saves me breaking the panel would be gratefully received! Thanks

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Thanks. I had tried that but my fingers were too big to get to the bulbs so I took the panels off - top part over the high-level brake light has to come off first, then the side ones then the main one can be pulled off.

I took off the metal Shell cover beside the nearside number plate light - big mistake! Just wiggle the light out - turn it to the top and it can be pulled back and out then diconnected for the bulb to be replaced. Bit of a struggle to put it back but better thatn trying to put the metal Shell back oonce the bulb holder is in place.

Reverse the process to replace the panels. Holes in the side ones don't go over the plastic tray-string washers so up to you whether you lever them out with a little screwdriver.

Good luck!

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i never have a problem replacing the bulbs

just pop the 2 covers off

remove the 3 screws holding the bracket in place and half twist the bulb holders and away you go.

it does leave marks on my hands....usually cut them.... but have the job done in 2 minutes tops

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