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New Tyres

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So, new tyres...

I have a 1995 N reg.

I had to replace the wheels a couple of years ago and ended up with 16" Japanese imports (which look a better size than the original 15" ones as it goes).

Now it's time for new tyres.

The wheels came with 205/50/16 which look good, but I think are a similar total diameter to the 15" ones.

I am thinking of getting 205/55/16 instead as I think they might look better / handle better.

So the questions are:

  1. is that true or will they look / handle worse?
  2. will they even fit, what with the increased diameter + profile?
  3. any tips on good brands? Avon seems to crop up a lot, but I am utterly clueless.
  4. I'm probably only replacing the back 2 for now - should that be OK if I do mix profile sizes, or is it frowned upon?

Many thanks


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Handling will be worse (more bounce as the tyre is taller) and also will make your speedo inaccurate.

If you want better grip then go wider.

Stock tyre size for my 16" GT4 rims is 205/50/16 but im running 225/50/16. Because the profile (sidewall) is in relation to the width i do have bigger sidewalls because of the wider tyres. But the handling is a good mixture of grip and comfort.

If your celica is one of the front wheel drive ones then its safe to mix tyre sizes but the car will handle a bit iffy. If you have a GT4 like me (4WD) then its important that the rolling radius is the same all round otherwise you greatly risk knackering the centre diff in the transfer box.

I would recommend Kumho KU31 or KU36 as they are a great gripping compound, cheap as chips and wear nicely. I swear by KU31's and have had them on my last 4 cars having moved away from Goodyear Eagle F1's. A full set for my car were £280 inc vat and fitting.

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They woulf fit fine. My car had 195/60/15's on when i got it (same height as 205.55/16 They will be about 20mm taller. It made mine sway and it felt too high geared.

Whats an N reg? is that a ST202? The suspension is soft on these cars and bigger tyres will make it sway more. The one advantage is that you will get a lot less road noise

Im almost considering going back to 15's as they were a lot quieter

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