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Corolla E12 2002 Power Lost & Check Engine

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Hi ive e12 1.6 vvti manual 2002 check indicator is on and computer says to change cat converter , i changed the one of 2 cat's and check still be on,

120km/h = 3600rpm <--- is it possible :!Removed!: ??im on the highway and i put the radio full -.- and when the engine is hot and i stay on traffic lights ---> 700rpm , when engine cold 1300rpm please help me cz i live in cyprus and michanics the only things they know is how to change filters and oil -.- :blink:

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From the sounds of it possible a maf sensor fault.

The corolla only has one cat an its at the front, is that the one they replaced?

http://www.onlineautomotive.co.uk/Products.aspx?ProductID=385588&VehicleID=289390 <---- look at this pic i see 2 cats, btw i changed the first one (left on picture) and i thing thats a cat sensor fault and check is on.. btw the realy problem is crazy rpm

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