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Starlet Gt Turbo Re-Build

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my project car :D , a freinds car :P hes not very good with them thats where i come in usefull , im a mechanic in training and the more practice the better :) its a good car very clean .... look at the link and i will try to keep up to date :) but also any help would be soooo helpfull cheers , russell http://www.flickr.com/photos/73822431@N02/

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well it was showing usual signs of the bottom end going so it was taken to the performance centre ( my garage ) and we knew at this point it was gonna get a good old going at so just cracked straight on and started the tear down .. engine out and stripped down took the sump and oil pick up off , the ends of the rods on one of number 1 piston and found this


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have not had the crank checked yet mate but as you go down from 1 to 4 they seen to get worse


this is the 3rd set they were welded together on the shaft had to break them apart with a hammer and screwdriver the picture is not great but they are like paper thin and have a sort of lip all the way around each side and the oil holes are just not there any more


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heres just some general pictures got a bit snap happy with the camera :P


engine bay shot :)



hks exhaust apparently it goes from the decat 2.5" down pipe through a sports cat and centre to a 3" at the back box bit



they guy that sold him the car said it had a greddy gearbox or something along those lines i really dont know how to tell any ideas guys ??


it does have an exxedy clutch in it with is not old it was done just before he bought it


the head witch was rebuilt about 1000 miles ago after the gasket went on the standard engine it now has a few goodies on it

engine when it came out


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