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Dear Club Members,

As a majority of you may have noticed that we have undergone a big change on the forums and website.

The change of website look and feel is part of a plan to enhance the clubs throughout and adding more exciting features to the club and keep you guys engaged with the community. The forum is just a start of the process and over the next coming months new things will start to appear on the website which will in turn enhance the new template. Tere will also be many asthetic tweaks coming too.

As the new template of the site is rather new, there are still few few things that need fixing. I have been over pages over and over to get things ironed out but it can take quite a while to get it all looking perfect. So please bear with me on this.

As members of the club it would be great for some constructive feedback from you guys, report any problems and suggest some ideas. If you could take time to send me an email with anything you think may help the site.

Please remember,  screenshots are very helpful if you have layout issues or be descriptive as possible.

Email me at clubmember.feedback@gmail.com

Thanks for your time and enjoy the new site.

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Looks pretty, but why do every topic I read go to the first ever post? Where can I change it to go to the latest unread like it used to please?mthere doesn't seem to be a settings button either (at least not that I can see on my i-pad!) also where is the 'smiley' button on the editor?

Sorry, I'm not happy at the moment...


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Hi. How do I do a screenshot of a very slow slugglish Screen?

It is possible to deal with changes to layouts etc, but when the underlying performance has gone downhill so much, the look becomes irrelevant.

Is there a fundemental reason why it is so painfully slow now?

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I like this layout very much indeed it is clear and easy to read and you have avoided the current fashion for pale grey text in a small font. As I am probably in a group of one on here who could not see a number plate at 3 metres, never mind 25, or whatever it is these days, I appreciate it. Oh, by the way, you will be relieved to know that they do not let me drive.

Thank you.


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I must admit to NOT being a big fan of it Steve! Its as slow as hell and there was out wrong with the old one that we knew! Looks good, but to slow and difficult to nav round I'm finding! but I guess I'll get use to it in time.... Maybe :fireman:

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I haven't found any difference in speed. I'm using Firefox and a 64 bit system with a hefty sized computer by way of memory.

The colours maybe are taking a bit of getting used to as they have changed a lot. The light grey type on the copied part of posts could maybe be slightly darker.

I am in favour of trying to keep the place fresh and change is nice - keeping things up to date etc. The only thing I notice seems to be the resolution of the avatars - not quite as good as before for some reason??

Is this the latest edition of Invision? The last one I was aware of came to me a few months ago but never really looked hard at it.

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I am perfectly happy about the appearance, except perhaps for wanting greater contrast between the gray and black text, but I have to agree with others that the site is now a lot slower than it was.

I am using Firefox on my laptop and desktop machines, where it is slow but usable. I've tried a couple of browsers on my Android machines, Dolphin and Opera as well as Firefox and on these the site is clunky and slow to the point of being almost unusable.

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Steve your hard work in keeping the Forum up to date and running smoothly is very much appreciated :thumbsup: , i'm happy to go with whatever format you choose, i believe the use of this Forum to be a privilege , not a right, but as with previous revamps there are a few niggles which need ironing out , one major change i can see is that my Avatar has disappeared and been replaced with the photo from my profile, i would very much like if possible to have my Avatar back in place of the Photo.


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Click on the time and date under your name on the right hand side it will highlight view last post :thumbsup:

Thanks raist, found the settings, but still can't find how to go to the last read post on each thread! For example, much as I enjoy your jokes, I son't want to go to the first page of them every time!!

I used to go straight to wherever I had left off the previous time....

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Use the button on the far left (clockface) to go to the next unread post

Sorry raist, no clockface button on the left side of my screen anywhere... The only thing like a clock is at the top right next to the sideways door which apparently is the sign out icon... That gives me the latest post index, but still when I go into each thread it takes me to the very first post on page one of each thread,... So far I've not lost patience with it, but....

Later.... FOUND IT!!!

On the index page to the left of the title!! Phew!

Thanks your help,

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Hi Guys

To Answer a few questions

  • Yes it is slow.. this is because the server is under load due to parts of the pages not being cached and is causing a load. This is being worked on and will speed things up soon.
  • As i am aware the facebook app on the post page may slow things slightly. I am looking in to this as well.
  • As for the garage/registry.. well I may have a big suprise in the future... maybe a couple of months though.
  • The latest post link, it is there, maybe worth seeing if we can get that highlighted easier.
  • Avatars unfortunatly were altered. Invision decided to have either Avatars or pictures as an Avatar... it asked me to make a decsision on whether i choose the current avatars or profile pics and I chose Avatars. Something i cannot leave unfortunatly.
  • Also yes this is the Latest forum software.
  • Check out the media gallery guys.. it is bespoke and has excellent sharing facilities.. this will be improved upon. It beats the old gallery for sharing for ease of use, photobucket really sucks as images break when members delete their accounts or photobucket dont like you. So sharing pics on the media gallery is what it was built for.
  • Old gallery images will be transferred to the media gallery soon and will associated with the member.

Lets hope i can get rid of the laggy bits for you guys.

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i have added the "Last Post" issue to my bug tracker. So that will get sorted.. maybe add a small arrow next to the date.

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