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Oil Leak


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hi igor . its the component bolted to the radiator with the blue electrical plug and a small rubber tube going to what i think is the throttle housing , in the picture it has a plastic bag on the end to catch the oil . thanks andrew .

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it looks like the unit in question is an el magnetic valve enabling / disabling throttle be heated to help engine with warm air

besides - what is from other edge??? it is not clear vissible. rgrds/Igor

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post-69630-0-50271800-1326894338_thumb.j Hi igor . ive taken anothe picture to try to make it more cleear . the oil is leaking from the round plastic part at the end opposite the plug .

ive been doing some reserch and i think its a vacuum switching valve . but if it has failed would this cause it to vent oil onto radiator or could there be another problem .

cheers andrew .

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it is clear visible it is an electromagnetic valve that might to act by two ways:

- cut off either system when 12V is fed to solenoid;

- solenoid pushes plunger inside the case leading to stop working of either system ----- just in case the circuit is with oil --- it is presumed this unit acts like an amplifier just to transfer an oil energy to stop device mounted on the engine.

the oil leak might be due to seal ring wear down or simply rubber hose has become an old and lost its flexibility/sealing effect.


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