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Warning: Ebay Trader 44Nmj Is To Be Avoided...


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Do not use trader 44nmj on eBay (UK), as they may rip you off. They mainly sell standard car parts, e.g. wiper blade, bulbs, etc. However, they may have a long history of selling spurious parts. If you try to get a refund from this trader, you’ll end up paying for it yourself and be out-of-pocket.

Example: I bought a rear wiper blade for a particular make & model of car. It was advertised as ‘SPECIFIC FIT PLATSIC wiper BLADE’ and a genuine Valeo product. What they actually sent was a standard metal wiper blade that had entirely the wrong fitting, and came in a Bosch box, but wasn’t even a Bosch product. I contacted them to advise them of their mistake, and they asked me to return the item (AT MY OWN EXPENSE) in order to receive a refund. When I complained about paying for their mistake, they then offered to refund the return postage as well upon receipt of the incorrect item. I was about to do this, but looked at some of their negative feedback. In some feedback comments left by other buyers, I saw that they had also made this same promise, but never actually pay for the return postage. I am at stalemate with the trader, and await a final decision from eBay (who currently refuse to get involved in the dispute).

I have made previous purchases for small car items in the past from the same trader, but I must have completely forgotten how bad their products are, and how shocking their ‘customer service’ is when there’s a problem with the item.

Upon further investigation, I found out that the trader has a direct relationship with Autospares of Comber, N.I. The company boss is a certain Mr Clive Jardine, and he is known to the local authorities for fraudulent activities in the recent past. See the following link for details:


The eBay trader does a roaring trade by all accounts, and eBay do not appear to have any difficulties allowing his continued trade through their site even though they have been made aware of the links between 44nmj, Autospares of Comber, and the infamous Mr Clive Jardine. Coincidence? You decide.

In any case, you have been fair warned of the situation. Help others by passing this information around should you see fit to do so. If you stop buying from these types of unscrupulous traders, it will force them to clean up their business. Don’t wait for the authorities to deal with these people, as we all end up paying for it through our taxes.

N.B. If a forum administrator is reading this, you may wish to post this as a ‘sticky’. I have had the wording and association of the people and businesses named within this article verified, and it poses no legal threat either to myself or your site. I am a private individual, and I am not involved in the motor trade, neither do I stand to gain anything by posting these details. The details above are true, factually correct, and have been independently checked for authenticity and genuine customer experience.

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Do not use trader 44nmj on eBay (UK), as they may rip you off. They mainly sell standard car parts, e.g. wiper blade, bulbs, etc. However, they may have a long history of selling spurious parts. If you try to get a refund from this trader, you’ll end up paying for it yourself and be out-of-pocket.

Thanks for taking the time out to warn others, it can be a worry when ordering items on the internet, as sometimes things can and often do go wrong when you are supplied with something that is not as described or it doesn't work at all, i too have had my fingers burned when i ordered a Battery for my Makita drill / driver a while back on eBay, the item i ordered was described as new unused and original, but non returnable, it cost £18 and was a good saving on the cost of buying from a hardware store at £44, when the item arrived it was not packaged in an hard plastic case as was my original Battery, but was simply placed in a plastic bag with protective bubble wrap, there was a note inside stating that it had been pre-charged, when i placed the item into my drill i got zip / nothing, so i placed the item into my charger but after a minute or so the charger light went from green to red and would not charge, i placed the original Battery back into my drill which still had some charge in it but now my drill would not work at all, i then placed the original battery into the charger but as soon as i switched it to charge the indicator light went from green to red, i contacted the seller and said that the battery he had sent me does not work, to his credit he sent me a replacement stating that his previous consignment of batteries contained a bad batch, in the meantime i had bought a second hand charger to replace the battery charger that was now no longer charging, when the replacement battery arrived ( pre-charged ) i placed it into the drill but again got nothing, i then placed it into my recently bought charger, but after a minute and just as before the green light went out and the red came on, basically these batteries were duff, the alarm bells should have been ringing when they first arrived because they were not in original packaging and were scuffed, but i gave it the benefit of the doubt and lived to regret it, what these batteries did was blow the circuitry on my drill and charger , but what did i do ?, in a nutshell nothing, i couldn't even be bothered to leave negative feedback, i simply went out and bought myself a new Makita drill / driver set , wiped my mouth and moved on, in hindsight this was wrong and i should have taken matters further, but at the time i thought to myself that all this would do was bring added grief , i couldn't prove that my drill and charger worked before i placed the duff batteries inside so at the end of the day i would have been fighting for the return of £18, so i moved on, it doesn't always pay to leave negative feedback on eBay because it can result in the seller leaving negative feedback on you in return as a mate of mine found to his cost, once he got negative feedback he found very few people wanted to deal with him after that.

Once again Mikeinho, thanks for the heads up :thumbsup:

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