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J A E 2012


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Steve, 9 days in and no confirmation either way, I am afraid you have the answer to your question. Its a real shame really as its so easy to organise a good event I can't understand why TOC seem so reluctant to organise anything.

It will be interesting to see if TOC decide to do something

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TOC attending JAE has taken a slide in recent years....

If there was enough interest then i'm sure something could be arranged.

But given the responses from the 146 views so far it's looking highly doubtful

I doubt even if there is an interest in JAE that TOC will do anything, you just have to look at what happened last year, TOC wouldn't support our efforts and we ended up with 2 plots jam packed.........................how much interest beyond that do people need to show before TOC can be interested?

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Well it seems that the social side of TOC has been totally screwed up. Its a shame as the events I have attended have been with really good company.

I am starting to think that I am done with this place given that I visit this forum less and less :bored:

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If anything is arranged from toc I will do my best efforts to be on their stand. Looks an awesome show but yet to have the pleasure of attending 1.

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Yes Last year was a good display of what people can do at reletively short notice when everyone says "it can't be done".

I'm there agan this year... my stand is called "28BeersLater" and features the usual local suspects.. if anyone is there come and say hello*.

I figured the Hilux looks ready for the Zombie Apocolypse, so that's my theme. :D

*I may be somewhat intoxicated

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