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New Yaris Driver Seat Armrest

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I have just bought a new Yaris which is going to be delivered in March. I was wondering whether anyone has considered that the new yaris should have a drivers seat armrest. And if so does anyone know where i could get one from or if one is available?


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It surprises me that the New Yaris does not have a drivers armrest, as the New Verso S (1.33 litre mini MPV) has one fitted as standard

In practice whilst driving I tend to leave my armrest raised but it can be quite comfortable when parked and sitting in the car

I doubt that you would want to swap seats on a new car.....but that could be a possible answer......Maybe check out the possibility with your dealer?

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I know this is an old thread but I need to post a picture of my recently fitted armrest for the benefit of member 2StokeSteve and his new Hybrid.



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There's some handbrake restriction / inconvenience when the rest is in its forward position but it pushes back easily with a nudge from my elbow when required. However, it could do with being about 25mm higher for me though. Looks like I might have to make some adjustments.

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