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Corolla 1.3 1999


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Hi all.

Hope I'm in the right place to post this question (I'm a newb after all).

The above mentioned Corolla suffered a nacked Battery. As this model had several types fitted over a few years, it's difficult to find the right one. I took the old one to a few shops and found one that was very close (slightly shorter). After fitting the Battery, I now find that the engine spins over nicely, but no firing at ALL! I think that the immobiliser has kicked in after Battery removal (24hrs - took a while to find a close match).

Is this a dealer fix, or is there a way that I can re-sync the key to the car?

There's no alarm, just the immobiliser.

Any help would be greatly received.

Thanks in advance.



Forgot to mention that the car has no remote operation - just the original key with built in transponder.


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There is a reset procedure that the dealers carry out. Would be worth trying to speak to a senior technician at local dealer, explain that with it being an older car, you can't afford full dealer rates, could they/he sort it at reasonable rate?

To be fair, when I was in the dealer network, we did it free sometimes on older models and for certain customers. Easy job, and shouldn't cost the earth.

Maybe go on a saturday morning, offer to buy the lads bacon sandwiches in exchange? Would have sorted it for us in the day!!!

"A shy child gets no sweets..."

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Called in an old friend (who has his own garage) and it was flooded! Even tho' the plugs had been cleaned several times and on one occasion left out overnight, there was still too much fuel in the cylinders and was shorting the plugs.

Just goes to show how you can think the worst and it's just something simple. :D

Thanks for the advice guys.

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