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Corolla T Sport

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Just ordered FK springs for my Corolla T Sport 02 model... it lowers 35mm front and 40mm at the rear!

Also got Eibach 30mm spacers for the rear wheels... so total track width would be 60mm wider!

Now what im interested on doing next is getting some wheels for it... but i have doubts about my choices...

1st choice is to go for 225/40/17... but then what offset/rim width should they be?

2nd choice is to go for 215/45/17... and again what offset would be best...?

And the last choice is to go for 225/45/16???

Basically the wider the better for me!)))

Cheers!!! :)

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That a good installation on your car I think. How is it now?

Hey :)

i havent received the spring nor the spacers yet... as i only ordered them on the weekend so im hoping either tomorrow which is Wednesday or Thursday...

But once i got them i will definitely take pics of before and after ;))) and at the mo the cars is completely stock around 60mm at front and 90mm at the rear... :( thats just horrible! :disgust:

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