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A Bit Random But Do You Think It's The Right Time To Buy A Saab?


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I know I know.....you all must think I have been drinking ot maybe wishing that i should be drinking!hahaha However, do you think it's mental to be thinking of buying a Saab right now? Now I know the company is dead.....and if anything comes back from the ashes it will be nothing but the name, however, a late used model 93 or 95 ( not the last shape ) could be seen as a sound investment......or could be completely insane decision!

I always have had a soft spot for SAAB and owned a 2001 03 Aero which I loved.....but the concept of buying a fully spec'd 95 diesel with all the bells and whistles.....could be an interesting prospect!


There;s plenty of them up here so spares shouldn't be an issue....Jaysus might even be collectable!......or am I just aff ma heid!......Whadya reckon......Lunacy? hahahaha



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With the demise of SAAB as a motor manufacturer the supply of spares was set to dry up, leaving SAAB owners with potential problems

However it was announced last week that a new independent company has been formed by an ex SAAB executive to produce and market SAAB spares

So.......could still be a good time to buy a SAAB!

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I thought of doing this last summer (then i remembered that i had college fees to pay - lol).

The Mk 1 93s (the facelifted GM 900) have issues with bulkheads cracking - the steering rack is mounted there (well done GM lol - it was

a GM design) and its very hard to spot. An MOT failure if spotted during test - there was a repair solution but i don't know what the story with that is now Saab are (obviously) gone down the tubes.

9 5s (from what i read) can be a bit hit and miss - ie you get some that will do 250 k miles plus without any fuss whatsoever - and others that

will drive you to the drink with silly bits going wrong.

It was the 93 i was most interested in - but the bulkhead issues were a turn off, i liked the idea of 2.0 turbo (low pressure) and lots of toys.

Its also worth noting the sludging issue - the oil gets sludged up down in the sump, lots of Saabs have had this issue and if not picked up early the engine will fail suddenly - ie blow up due to oil starvation. Ideally one should go for a car thats been serviced at 6,000 mile intervals.

But in the real world..... (youve got to remember that most people will only service cars at manufacturers exact intervals if at all) any petrol Saab

thats purchased in 9 3 or 9 5 should have its sump taken off and cleaned as a precaution. And oil changed immediately (imo).

Aside from that - theres nothing wrong with buying a good one - and Joe and Josephine Bloggs will be saying can't have a Saab because i can't get the bits (i doubt they will know or care about the new company set up to supply parts). And their Saab owningchummies will be looking to get out of Saabs because of this.

Red diesel

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There has never been a right time to buy a Saab.

The only SAAB I'd buy is the old 99 Turbo! My uncle had one from new and still got the old girl :robot:

I completely get where your coming from chaps - a 9 5 (modern type not the old 60s version) isn't a patch on something like an old classic 900.

In fact if you ever wanted to put forward the "modern cars really aren't that amazing argument forward - a classic 900 would be in the running for exhibit 1 along with the Mk 2 Golf and the old Carina IIs.

But if i can land an immaculate 9 5 with all the toys and turbo engine for a grand and less - then (imo) they are a completely different proposition to when they were competing as a new car againsed the 5 series BMW.

Being objective though - an S60 or V70 Volvo is probably a better car

Red diesel

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