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Rear Right Light/number Plate Light And Dash Not Illuminating?

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I'm new here and hope to settle in and get to know people on there forums.

I've recently installed a Sony Head unit with the correct wiring and had the radio and DOME fuses blow on me. (Searched and this is common with older cars and Sony headunits). Anyway I have just realized that one of my rear right lights isn't and one of the number plate lights isn't illuminating. The dash isn't lighting up too. I've checked every fuse in the engine bay and compartment under steering wheel. Seems very strange.

My car is a 1988 Toyota Corolla EE90 2E

Thanks to any help in advance.

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When I've changed my head unit I got a problem similar to yours but my clock didn't work. So I've checked the fuses under the hood and actually I didn't found a blown one.. After a second check I realized that one of them was blown but it was hard to notice.. So I suggest you to look closely all of the fuses under the hood. On the cap or under, which protects the fuses is a scheme of "which fuse is for what". Check them again.. The plate lights are on the same fuse so I guess there was an short circuit caused wile changing the head unit and maybe the bulbs got blown.. Try to swap the plate light bulbs this will tell you where the problem is :) Be careful I've blown myself couple of plate light bulbs while changing them.. Give us feedback after that :)

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When you have swapped the plate bulbs, did both not worked on the problem socket? It could be bad ground.. If you have voltmeter check for 12V in the problem sockets.. I'll try to find scheme for the installation.. Good luck ;)

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Check where did you connect the head unit.. Usually the producer provides three kind of 12V supply for the head unit.. One of them is with the key turned to contact, which is supply without memory for the head unit. The second one is with the key turned to contact but with memory supply for the head unit. And the third one is with constant supply for the head unit without relying on anything.. If you connected the head unit to any other 12V supply which is not provided for the head unit you could get such problems as blown fuses burned supply installation or lack of supply power for all the consumers.. Don't underestimate the head unit consume power.. Check if you accident disconnected something wile connecting your head unit..

Good luck and best regards ;)

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Hello guys,

Thanks for the input, Today I managed to get onto trying to get the lights going again, I've decided to sell my sub/amp which therefore I had to get to the back of the headunit anyway, I have replaced the headunit fuse and have wired the two 12v cables together and still nothing. Bit puzzled here, Any other sort of fuses I should be looking for?


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