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Corolla T3 2005 Heated Mirrors?


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Hi guys and gals

I'm 'car sitting' for a mate for about a year and I've got her Corolla T3 to occassionally exercise it and stop things from seizing etc. Quick question, does the Corolla have heated mirrors?

Mirrors on the car are electric, I assume it does by pressing 'rear screen demist' but dont feel them heating up at all..

Cheers in advance

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i thought i had heated mirrors on my verso when i bought it (being a T3) to find out if it did or not i removed mirror (lever from bottom to remove, to replace simply click back in) if heated it wil have wire attached at back,mine did not, found out not fitted to t3 till a year later, if yours has wire present start looking at switchs, contacts fuses etc

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Ok cheers! I'll see what the crack is when I get a chance to sort it out. I would have thought it would have it being electric windows, mirrors etc.. If not I'd be seriously disappointed in a car thats reasonably spec'd and no heated mirrors!

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