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Buying My First Toyota In The Coming Week

Mikael Grön

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Swedish greetings to all Toyotians!

I'm just about to buy my first ever Toyota. It's gonna be one of these below, and I can't really decide on which. Any advice? They're ordered by likelihood now. They're all Toyota Avensis station wagons with 1.8l engines, and all are sold by various 100% Toyota dealerships in towns near me.

Black metallic, 2008.

A 15cm scratch on one door.

Business kit.

Mileage: 6000 km (3728 miles).

Price: 149'000 SEK (£14030).

Beige metallic, 2007.

Business kit.

Mileage: 10800 km (6711 miles).

Price: 129'900 SEK (£12230).

Black metallic, 2006.

Executive kit.

Mileage: 12900 km (8016 miles).

Price: 119'000 SEK (£11200).

We've got the -08 at home until wednesday for testing now, but are planning to go check the -06 out this afternoon. The -07 one looks really nice, but I'm in love with the black metallic.

And for the new member introduction:

I'm a 30 years old web and iPhone developer in Sweden. I'm married and we have 2 kids. Currently we're driving this butt ugly Renault Laguna from -01 which really needs a new cam belt, and some other crap.. We're planning on almost giving that away as soon as we've settled on an Avensis.

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Hi Mikael and welcome to the club.

The scratch ob the 2008 model should be fixed by the dealer before you take delivery.make this part of the deal before buying.

Had a simuler scratch on my car before buying plus a kirbed alloy wheel.

told them i would noy buy the car unless they were fixed,and they were.

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Alright, fair enough. I was looking at that as a bargaining point! Hoping to take the price down a bit... But, of course, I'd have it fixed myself instead, which'd put the price right back up there.. :P

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Thanks all!

It's now leaning towards the -06 Executive. It's a much better price, and although the GPS is from -06, it's still awesome to have a GPS built in!

I'll let you know how it goes. Monday I'll have papers signed on one of these.

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Oh, and the executive isn't black metallic, it's grey metallic and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Anyone have an executive with the GPS in a fold-up thingie on top of the dash?

I'm wondering what that hatch's dimensions are. If it's big enough and the GPS is crap, I might mod it and install an iPad with Navigon on it instead! :D

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Signed and done! I'm now a Toyota owner! I decided on the grey metallic Executive 2006 and got a really good price in my opinion. Two sets of wheels (cause we swedes have this thing called winter) and the next service included in the price. :)

I'll get it in a week all polished up and ready.

I got a look at the GPS and got all nostalgic. Where online can I find info on how to get new maps for it? Does it need to be via a Toyota dealership, or are there third party maps/software providers?

I'm sure I'll get answers myself in a week or so, when I get the car and can read through the owner's manual, but I'm so excited I want to know everything now! :)


Also, are Avensis owner's manuals available online somewhere?

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