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Child Booster Seat For Front Passenger?


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Has anybody used a Group 2-3 child booster seat in the front passenger seat of their iQ?

My preference would be for a full seat with back and side support, like the Britax Adventure (http://www.britax.co.uk/car-seats/car-seats/adventure) but their website says all of their Group 2/3 seats are incompatible with the iQ apart from an Isofix one in the back.

Any recommendations of compatible models would be much appreciated!

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Sorry i know nothing about Booster or Child seats or the fitting of them,


'check' that there is not an Airbag under the front passenger seat base that pushes the passengers knees up in the event of some types of collisions.

Obviously there is the Airbag risk at the front of any modern vehicle that can be considered and decided upon. (switched off etc when children carried in the front & seats/baby carriers are fitted)

Things like what additional Airbags in seats need serious thought & care.

My most precious little things in life would be safest in the rear seats area with lots of protection i think.

Easy enough access to the rear with the passenger seat moved forward & then the seat pushed back as far as you choose to give a nice safe enclosed area.


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Just an update on this.

The iQ manual makes it clear that you can have a child seat in the front passenger seat, although it regularly emphasises that children are safer in the rear. What is not quite as clear is whether the air bag should be turned on or off with a front facing child seat in the front passenger seat (with a rear facing child seat it should always be switched off). Several places in the manual state that such a seat can be used with the air bag left on, but in one place it says that the airbag should be switched off when using any child seat.

My situation is that my youngest sits behind the passenger seat in an ISOFIX seat, and there is no room behind me when I'm driving. So to take my oldest (4) as well, I need to use the front passenger seat. I ended up with a simple booster seat as none of the high backed versions would fit due to the iQ's protruding integral head rest. As he will end up a bit closer to the front dash than ideal (to allow a little leg room for my youngest behind) I'm going to switch the air bag off as, on balance, I think the air bag is more of a risk to him than a safety benefit. It's a shame that the manual is so contradictory on the air bag issue, though - some clearer guidance is needed.

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