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Paint - Stone Chips


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I've just bought a Gen 2 Prius and although I love almost everything about the car so far, the paint finish seems to be on a par with my previous Honda(s), i.e. pretty soft.

There's a couple of stone chips which have been poorly repaired (by me) and could do with a professional touch. Is the best option my local Toyota dealer? Any ideas of possible costs...?

Or should I trust one of the independent franchises, such as ChipsAway? I've read mixed reviews...


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I can't add much. I did talk to one of those ChipsAway type firms in a supermarket car park last year, and he said it wasn't something that they could repair invisibly - you'd always be able to see it. I never followed it up or looked at any other firms.

With my poor DIY skills, I did the best I could with a toothpick, but the paint was so soft that the stone impact caused the paint to ruck up. Maybe mine needs stripping and respraying but that seems like overkill and expensive for a few stone chips!

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Chips away are good, a neighbour had some chips etc done by them and you could not tell it had been damaged. On one of the threads on this site it mentioned other good franchises.

I would advise not to attempt it yourself in cold weather.

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