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Just bought 2007 Toyota CorollaVerso and need some friendly reliable advice. 1 month of trouble free driving and car now wont go above 2000 rpm . When you press the accelerator , the car just will not go any faster than 2000 rpm , almost like a permanent flat spot. No warning lights , no smoke, car starts and drives fine up to 2000 rpm . Friend suggested EGR or MAF sensor. It is a 2.2 D-4D with 75k on it. Full Toyota main dealer history with big 4 yr service carried out a few months prior to purchase. If it is EGR can it be blanked/removed on this car? Apologies if posted in wrong location but first time Newbie. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance

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Hi Gary and welcome to the TOC

It could well be the EGR.do you have any warning lights showing.

As you have not had the car long did you get any warranty with it and was it brought from a Toyota dealer.If so they would be the best to sort it out.

I beleave there ar companies who claim to be able to remove the EGR without a fault light showing up afterwards.

You could try posting your problem on the Corolla / Verso forum for best results.

Good luck.

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