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Can I Put A Transit Engine Into A Toyota Hilux Surf Diesel


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Just a quick question - suggested to me by a male I may add!!!!

Can I install a Transit Diesel (1994 - M) 2400cc engine into a Toyota Hilux Surf SSR 3.0L Diesel (1998 - R) ???

Just a suggestion and I know I'm grasping at straws but my con rods have gone in my Surf and the chassis has rotted out on my Transit - so wondered if it would be possible to combine the two and hopefully means I only have to scrap one vehicle then instead of them both!

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Greetings and a warm welcome to the club,Rachel.

If you throw enough money and dedication at it most things are possible but it would take lot to achieve it!!!

However,I would think you would get a used Surf engine fitted for a lot less money than trying to do what you are asking.

Just my opinion.


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Once it was a fairly easy to replace an engine with one of another make,but these days its not just the engine that has to be swopped but all the electronic equipment that controls the replacement engine.

As Del says anything can be done. but its not a Diy. Hate to think of the cost.

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Having had 2 engine swaps done, both needed a donor car - in both cases it was MR2s.

In your case, its getting the engine /transmission to link up with the drivetrain as you already have the donor vehicle. As said, much cheaper just to pick up a secondhand engine.

In saying that, just seen a Range Rover body removed from its chassis.... just 8 or 10 bolts hold the two together - mental!

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What is your timescale?

My '96 Surf 3.0D has a perfectly good 3.0 TD engine, that will fit... and I'm yanking it out to fit something else...

But I don't want to take my Hilux off the road until I know we will have no snow (Thinking March)

PM me if you are interested :)

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