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Knocking Noise At Rear


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Took my 2008 d4d avensis to the garage to get a knocking noise sorted at rear they couldn't find anything wrong typical Eh!!..

To me it sounds more side to side roll knocking .If i'm going straight over bumps im good if i'm getting knocked suide to side on very little bumps it knocks any clue's please !!!

From a very happy avensis owner who just fix

ed his vibrating noise problem with the air intake pipe !!!

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Have you towed any cars lately, i pulled my mates audi a couple of years ago and it bent the tow eye making the rear silencer bang on it every time i went round a corner. i took the tow eye off to straighten it up and the what i presume are supposed to be captivated nuts in the chassis which the bolts screw into disappeared so i now have a rear tow eye and 2 bolts for it in the boot.

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definitely anti roll bar bushes same symptoms exactly as my 2008 avensis i changed the droplinks thinking it was the problem to find out nothing changed so bought some anti roll bar bushes from our favorite auction site £8.99 delivered for a pair as against £44 from mr t bingo no more noise, took me 20 mins to change them both with nothing more than a jack and a 12mm socket and extention.

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