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Want To Buy Yaris Tr Urgently, 1.33 Petrol, New. Where Find The Cheape


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Dear all,

I want to buy Toyota Yaris TR with 1.33 manual petrol engine in Sintra Blue colour with Extra Protection Plus additional feature. I also would like to get 0% finance currently offered by Toyota. Do you know a dealer who can offer me the best deal on this? Or perhaps you know some other dealers who can offer me higher interest, but offer much higher discount that I works out cheaper for me? I perhaps can put 20% deposit, but can increase it if the deal is really good. At the moment I have a quote of £12.777 though not clear at what interest rate.

I intend to commit to buy the car within 3 days.

Thank you.

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Suggest you try the various internet brokers. This was how we got our Yaris.

Just Google "car broker" or "discount new cars", go onto the broker web sites and see what prices they quote.

They'll put you in touch with the cheapest main dealer they can find and if you like the quote, you buy at that price from the main dealer they put you in touch with.

Some will deliver anywhere in the country - we went down to the midlands to collect ours from a toyota dealership there. It was over £1000 cheaper than the best price our local dealer would offer, so £30 in petrol for a round trip to collect it was no trouble at all...

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