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Teens Learn The Dangers Of Impaired Driving

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With spring on its way in and the summer holidays just around the corner, high school students have been spending more time behind the wheel. And this can only mean that the potential for more accidents involving teens is at an all time high. This is why Hall County officials have been doing their rounds around the high school areas to educate kids on the dangers of impaired driving.

Lt. Gene Joy, Hall County’s Sheriff said that the team was at the Johnson High School on Thursday, educating the students through a realistic skit called “Fatal Vision” that uses actual vehicles that were present in actual crashes.

There are actual smoke grenades that go off to make it look like an actual car crash said Lt. Joy. The actors and actresses in the skit have fake “blood” on them to make it look more realistic. Also, emergency personnel respond to the scene of the accident to make it more realistic.

The goal behind this is to ensure that teen drivers make better driving decisions behind the wheel. Once they see this skit and then get behind the wheel, they are going to think about the skit and make better decisions.

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