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Starlet 1N Timing Belt Replacement


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Hi Guys,

Toyotat Starlet 1.4L Diesel 1N engine

Id like to attempt changing the timing belt myself, (I actually have the mechanics manual in PDF if anyone wants me to upload it somewhere)

I've read through the relevant timing belt replacement section and its saying I need at least 10 SST's (specialized Service tools)!? and I bet that would cost mega, like timing belt tension tester, one of those wrench's that tightens nuts to a specific tightness, cog removing SST's etc etc.

I called up a company that sells all those tools and the guy said i just needed a screw driver etc...

it also says I need to remove the glow plugs and most of the cogs...

has anyone had any experience with this, Im no mechanic but is it something I can attempt? isnt the most important thing to do is just to "align the line mark on the cam shaft timing pulley"

Thanks heaps in advance if you can help out, and let me know if anyone needs the manual

its well overdue, at I guess its done just over 200K, last change at 100k



Timing Belt replacement.zip

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Hi StarletOwner,

Since you have the manual I believe you can do it. But you need to have the proper tools as mentioned in the manual. You may need a pulley holder to remove the crankshaft pulley, and of course the socket wrenches, torque wrench with the correct range to tighten back some bolts. Belt tension tester may not be needed if you cannot have it easily. You can do guesstimate by checking how much the current timing belt stretches when you press on it (or apply a constant force) and doing it the same way with the new belt.

You also need to prepare other parts to be replaced like the idler bearing. Might as well replace the water pump, etc. So you may need also some gaskets or oil seals, which may be indicated in the manual.

Also you may want to put some markings (paint mark, or scribe mark) so you can return the parts in their correct position, besides doing exactly what the manual says. And most of all always mind of your safety. Have someone check on you to assist if needed and in an emergency. Hope this helps.

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Hi starlet owner;

i'm about to restore my starlet.

can you please upload the full starlet mechanical manual?


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Hi StarletOwner, Down on the other side of the world in New Zealand there are a few of these diesel starlets.

The Cam belt requires not special tools to replace. The only thing you require that'll make the job easier is a pneumatic rattle gun to undo/tighten the crank pulley. The manual tells you to remove all the pulleys/cogs which is not required as you can inspect them inplace so ignore this.

Here's a list of what to do,

1, Remove RHF wheel and engine plastic guard(drive shaft goes through it)

2, Remove glowplugs

3, Spin crank pulley untill notch and pointer aline

4, Release alt/ac pump belts and remove crank pulley( mine just levered off without a puller)

5, Remove upper and lower cambelt covers(can't remember if you need to release the top RH engine mount)

6, Check timing marks on cam/diesel pump/ crank line up ( if not spin 360 and have another look)

7, Release the tension spring then bolt on tension pulley then remove belt

8, Inspect all pulleys/cogs including idler bearings

9, Pop the new belt on with the arrows pointing the right way and tension with aid of the spring/ pulling the tension pulley so you can just tweak the belt 90 degrees over the longest run by hand.

10, Make sure all the timing marks line up as they should. then turn the motor over by temp placing crank pulley on the crank and turning clockwise atleast 2 rev using hand pressure(if it gets tight don't force it)( Thats why you removed the glow plugs). Check timing marks and tension again.

11, Put all the other bits back and thats thats

Thanks for posting the 1N manual as have been looking for it for ages

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Hi starlet owner

Can u please upload full mechanical manual.

I have manual but it's in Russian.


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