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Valuing Cars

Red diesel

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Is it just me or is it a bit like guess work at times.

I was window shopping on line yesterday

2006 Volvo S60 2.0 T 152 000 miles - 5400 euros, same model but 2.4 diesel with 43000 miles and 2008 - 16000 euros.

Admittedly 2 years between the cars and ones diesel and the older petrol has a bit of miles on it but :censor: even leaving asdie the fact that

i like high milers anyway. Its hard to justify the extra 11,000 euros. By the same token you could also argue that the petrol is a little too cheap (but its a horrible colour

on an S60 - ferrari shade red and its a base model with cloth seats - plus the small bit of leather).

But 2006 petrol 2.0s with 152 000 miles won't move very quickly in a country that likes diesels and small engines.

Then you have Avensises - a member on here purchased an ultra low mileage example recently and from what i remember it was around the 13 to 14 grand mark (in euros) for a 2008. But the main dealer (non Toyota) 10 minutes walk from my college currently has an 06 Avensis for 6,900 euros. Its worth noting that the Irish Avensis came with a 1.6 petrol that you guys didn't get - but even if you assume it is indeed a 1.6 petrol - i only saw it from the road with a price sticker on the windscreen - with say 80,000 miles - it gets hard to justify the extra for the lower age and mileage.

Although the guys trading in the 08s or selling them would probably say - that the cars were cheap enough thank you bearing in mind what they cost new.

Irish values do tend to be a bit all over the place anyway - during last summer - Mondeo diesel prices were all over the shop for 3 year old cars - you could easily pay 17,000 euros (before discount) for a Titanium 2.0 TDCI with low miles. But you could just as easily get a 2.0 TDCI with 100 k miles for 13 500.

Sometimes you wonder where the figures come from - you think car x is too pricey or too cheap (if the price was very low youd think theres something wrong

with it). But the salespeople will insist thats the market value etc etc. The problem is trying to suss out - is it you thats wrong or is it the Salesman taking the urine with a silly high price.

Red diesel

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