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New Brakes And Disc ...


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I have a TOYOTA COROLLA T3 VVT-I 1598cc and the brake pad (both front and rear) need replacing and the front brake discs ...

I was just wondering how much this should be costing me? I have been quoted @ £240 including labour, VAT and parts. I thought that sounded a little high ...

Thanks for your input

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cool beans bud, working on our own car can be daunting!!! i recently replaced front+back discs+pads on my t sport for £100!

if you do decide to do it yourself, this guide is very usefull.


only thing missing on the guide is sometimes you have to slightly file the paint off the pads to make them fit / move freely

also think these are the ones for yours, would have to check though, http://www.ebay.co.u...=item45eeb5f4cb

good luck bud ;)

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