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My 1.4 E11 Converted To (G6 Sr) 1.6


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hi new ere but said id up this up see what ya think ...

i bought a corolla 01 1.4 about 5/6 years ago now was burning oil like mad ... came across a crashed g6 for handy money

put the 2 into a garage side buy side and swapped every thing

put in 1.6 engine , wiren lome , ecu , clocks , coded key ,

6 speed gear box , had to change the gear stick housing as well to allow for reverse up beside 1st

all the wiren from the fuse board out to the lights fitted wiren lome for abs and spots built in

disks all round , ABS pump , new brake lines , ABS sensors fitted all round , different hand brake cable

and got the TTE spoiler off it ....

pic to follow ??!!??

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