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Avensis Scv Problem-Help Please!


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My X reg Avensis D4D would not start and my garage said the high pressure fuel pump needed to be removed and sent away for testing. I agreed to it in my ignorance. They then said it was the SCVs and it would be £500 to replace them plus the £300 for the removal and refitting and testing of the pump. I googled it and discover that it is a common problem which can be fixed without removing the pump.

I am now trying to claim the money back as they claim to be toyota specialists and should have known about this common problem and given me the option of replacing the valves before removing the pump. They didn't even know you can change the valves with the pump still in the car. I still don't know where this £500 came from as I got a second hand pump and they put that in instead. At least he car goes now.

I need a mechanic to put in writing that this is a common problem which any toyota specialist should know about. My credit card company will hopefully refund me if I can do this. Can anyone help me please? I am sure an email will do.

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hi matey

firstly -- the task of both SCV (mounted on the pump) is allowing the diesel to be sucked into the pump and then to injectors.

The SCV is controlled by means of own solenoid coil receiving 12V signal once you turn ignition key in ON position. in this time solenoid creates lifting force and the internal stem(valve) is lifted up enabling diesel passing into the pump. It is understood if you have 12V signal falure the stem (valve) will be remained in close position thanks to it is under pressure of returning spring. I do not consider the pump is guilty. You can simply test SCV right on the pump following this way ---- have multi tester and just measure respective SCV resistance that must be in limits specified in the manual or repair manual. In case you disclose deviation then normally both SCV are due to be changed at the same time. Please contact Parts King -- he's an authorized spares trader and I hope you will have the best competitive price for SCVs even with discount for TOC members. Before going forward you have to test SCVs. Good luck/Igor

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