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Whats The Best Way To Change Coolant ?.


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Hello All,

Can any one point me in the direction of the best way to change the coolant in my '99 1.6 liftback gs ?. It was last changed by Mr T just over 4 yrs ago with the Long life 4 yr red coolant. I am guessing this is the pre mixed type and doesn't need any water adding to it when refilling the system. I want to make sure i've got all the stuff together before rushing in.

As an aside to this , the other half took her 1.3 v reg ( Bug eye lights , loveley Bright red and all original with 32000 on the clock) bough t from Mr T, into main dealer of another marque for its mot and oil change , and i told her to ask about changing the coolant at the same time . It has the green stuff in and i know it hasn't been changed in the 3 years she's had it. She was told if it's not frozen - why would you want to change it

Mind you they gave it a wash ,blacked the tyres and gave her a nice tin of travel sweets - so that's all right then :dontgetit:

Thank you for taking the time to read


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