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Replacing Wiper Blades

balli hi

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Has anyone replaced the Wiper Blades only, excluding the wiper arm on their Auris ?, i managed to split the O/S/F wiper blade a couple of weeks ago when i engaged the wipers which happened to be frozen to the screen, daft i know :rolleyes: , anyways, i would like to change the blade only and not the whole thing if possible, are there as good but possibly better alternatives available as opposed to Toyota parts ?, if my memory serves me right, i recall a thread on here but can't find it now, where someone said that to replace the wiper arm and blade cost approx £65.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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Toyota do sell the rubber blades only for £20 if that's what you're after.

Thanks for answering my question Phil :thumbsup:

Yes Bali, you caqn buy just the wiper rubbers, you don't need the full blade

Kingo :thumbsup:


Pm sent, cheers :thumbsup:

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