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Avensis 1.8 Vvt I T3 - Dead


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Dear All, my 2004 Avensis died as I came off the motorway one night last week, oil lamp flickering, engine managment light came on and the engine stopped. The garage who have it reckon I have no compression in two cylinders. This seems to be not uncommon but I'm wondering where to go now? Toyota say they'll look at it and have guessed £2k to £3k and the local man reckons about £2k. Do you think I have any chance of getting Toyota to contribute to the repair as it seems a bit of a stock fault - Although I have had oil changed at reg intervals I have no receipt record and thus no service history since I've had the car, about two year. Or maybe I'll sell the car as a non runner and buy something else!

Any comments very welcome :-)

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There were engines being replaced IIRC with a 7yr age limit and a mileage limit, but history counts as well so if you dont have any and the car is to old you might be unable to get any assistance. What miles have you done?

Easy thing is just ring to your local dealer and see if they can offer any help, although things do look stacked against you i'm afraid.

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