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Hey Everyone Could You Please Help? Take Only 2 Mins


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Hi Everybody Im Steven Evans i am a business student at Lancaster uni, now first of all ill start by saying im a hugeeeeee car fan love cars massively i currently have a 390bhp toyota celica gt4 st205 AWD wink.png love to show anyone some pics if your interested? i was hoping to be cheeky and ask you to help me out by filling in my survey as its totally related to cars and i think is very interesting it will only take you literally a few minutes and you would be helping me out massively.

The survey is for my dissertation you see as its titled :- "When purchasing a vehicle which method do you prefer to use “privately” or through a “dealer”?

Its just a few questions that relate to your opinion on the way you purchase your cars wink.png dead simple

so please help a fellow petrol head out cheers everyone

HERES THE LINK :---- https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7FGYZNY

thanks everyone really do appreciate this! thanks

PS I AM NOT A SPAMMER! i am just a student who could do with support from fellow car inthusiasts... cheers all smile.png

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