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2006 2.0 Petrol Tourer. Flat Spot.

Andrew Taylor

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Hi All,

I've got a 2006 Tourer (pre-facelift) that I bough approved used with 38K. It's now on 44K and I've noticed for the last few thousand miles that I have a 'flat-spot' somewhere between 2000/3000 RPM. I just get no gas for a second or so then power delivery resumes.

I've got no warning lights on the car, fuel usage seems normal (~28MPG urban) and the car will usually pull all the way to 80MPH (although I don't get much after that).

Is this a known 'feature' of this engine, is the VVTI design? It feels a bit like turbo-lag but a bit more extreme. It's under approved used warranty but all the dealers want to charge me diagnosis fees, I don't fancy paying that just to be told there's nothing wrong.



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On reflection, it is. I didn't really think about it when I wrote the post but I've taken it out twice now from a cold start and the problem is apparent.

Thanks for the reply.


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