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Compressor Supercharger Gasket

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am i right in saying i will not get hold of a gasket for my supercharger and the only option is to make my own??? if anybody has any spares i could buy or knows where i can get hold of them from could you let me know please? i have my oil and dont want to use the car till iv changed the oil thanks.

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Just got my gasket set t'day from Toyota in Watford .The gasket itself is discontinued,part #17376-yw501..but a service kit is available,part # TAM300-229.this includes 2 gaskets the compressor support bracket and 2 sticky foam pads..Not worth £35 after discount but heho...

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Kluber Lubrication gb Ltd . 01422205155 . Email sales@uk.klueber.com .The GH6-80 oil is £80.40 including delivery and vat for 1L .There is a PDF on the corolla forum showing an exploded view of supercharger and pipe work including dip stick and markings.

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