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That Time To Start Cleaning


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<p><p>Ladies and Gentlemen of Aygo World

The time is almost upon us for us to go out once again and start cleaning our Aygos and taking pride in them rather than me being lazy and spending a fiver at the local hand car wash, the satisfaction of cleaning your Aygo is something we all enjoy bring on the warm summer days :D03062010.jpg03062010001-1.jpg

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I cleaned mine on Friday :D looks great now... black is the most satisfying colour to clean and admire your work once it's done!

One tip though - I wouldn't recommend using sponges. Dirt gets trapped in them leading to thin scratches appearing on your paintwork. microfibre mitts or lambswool mitts are safer for the paintwork and easier to keep clean! Also, two buckets is always good - one to rinse, one for the shampoo - that way, you don't get the mucky wash mitt going back in your nice clean shampoo-soapy water!

Seriously shiny Aygo there :)

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That sponge was for the wheels :P also i use microfibre cloth with car shampoo mixed with turtle wax for the body work then a squeege for the windows so it gets no water marks the turtle wax gives it a nice glossy coat and i do use two buckets one cold and one hot with the turtle wax in :D and then i dry off using a shammy i use Tyre Foam, Tyre Black and alloy wheel cleaner on the wheels with the brush as you see there

Thanks gummy thats an old pic i have wheel nut covers and front mud flaps on since then now thinking of doing full rear window and rear windscreen limo black tints She is very shiny isnt she Thanks Gummy :)

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haha bloodyhell that bucket from bnq :P i just use the same sponge and mine is sooooo good.. i use microfibre to polish and stuff... what do you guys use instead of sponge and where get it from? ebay?


Use a micro fibre or lambswool mitt instead of a sponge - far less likely to scratch your car (pretty much guaranteed to scratch your car with a sponge). You can get them (and other things) at http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk - lots to learn on there to keep your car in proper showroom nick - helps when you come to sell and keeps it looking fresh! But they're on eBay too :)

We all love a shiny Aygo!

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