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Advice Needed - Sell Now Or Keep

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I have just signed up so be gentle with me. (I did a "hello" post in the new members section)

I bought a brand new Aygo Platinum in 2008 and other than a replacement water pump, the car hasn't skipped a beat. I do mostly motorway driving at around 60 to 70 mph and have a 110 mile daily commute.

I have it regularly serviced professionally but I did tackle a front brake pad and disk replacement a while back, which seemed to go well.

I fill her up every four days or so at a cost of £40-£45 and get in the region of 420 miles from it.

My car has now done over 70,000 miles. It looks like new and seems to have lots of life left in it but I wonder if it is time to let it go. Is this a car that will happily do another 70,000 miles or should I look to replace it with a lower milage car?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mike, I'm a fairly new member too so I thought I'd add my opinion to your problem.

Our household has two Aygo's, mine is an 06 and my partners is an 08 but we don't do anywhere near your sort of mileage. Mine has done nearly 40,000 and she has done about 8,000 in hers.

I have had a few little problems with my car over the years but adding it all up it still cost alot less than if I had changed it after four years. (see my post regarding "push button boot release").

The thing is, you know where you are with the one you have. But if you have a new one, it could turn out to be a nail. Saying that, you would be covered by the warranty whereas I no longer have that luxury.

So what I am saying is, it's personal choice and depends on how attached you get to your cars (I do) and whether you can afford it at the time.

Hope this has helped and not just confused you even more. ;o)

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Mainly motorway sounds like low stress for the car, so it should last well. Is it using any Oil? (I had a Mk1 Carina II a long time ago that did mostly motorway driving. 250,000 miles and still went between services (6000) without needing Oil - though it got close near the end. Rust got it at 15 years :( )

Personally I generally buy a decent car, new or a year or so old, and run it till about 10 years old - get the best of the depreciation. Others change every year or two to try and avoid depreciation. But I think with 70,000 miles on it you've missed that second option.

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Keep it, the PX price could be offensive and if you look after it she will keep plodding on.

As per the others, if you can afford a new car and want one buy one, but if you like your car keep it.

Remember generally depreciation is the biggest cost in the first 3yrs of ownership, the car wont loose much over the next couple of years now.

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Many thanks for the advice.

I think i'll keep it. It runs fine and the high miles would be a problem on resale. If I can get another trouble free 70k, I'll have done well.

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