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Battery Light, Compressor


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Hello Guys

The Battery light starting flickering on and off on my Compressor so I took it too a garage to get the alternator output tested. That is charging as it should be and the indicator on the Battery is saying that its half dead so im assuming that I need a new Battery...?

I'm going to buy a new one tomorrow but I was wondering which would be the right/best one to get? There are several on eurocarparts ranging from £50 to £90....

Thanks for the advise in advance.

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Bit of an update guys, I got a new Battery put it on correctly. The Battery light stopped flickering for about 15 minutes then everything went mental!!

The electric windows work if you hold the button down but they they will not go down automatically if you flick the switch which make it do so. The power steering stops working every now and then. The dash lights up like a xmas tree every now and then. (Battery light constantly still flickering) The speedo and rev counter stop working and then start again and its now idoling at 600rpm and is very lumpy! It catches and goes up to about 1200rpm then drops back down to 600rpm, the normal idol has always been a steady 800rpm when warm.

I have got it booked in with a garage this Thursday (Family Friend) so it would be nice if any of you experts out there know what this could be so that I could point him in the right direction.... I have noted the comment about the connection to the alternator (Thank you for your reply). Someone has said that it maybe the ECU...?? Please guys, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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