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New 2012 Yaris Diesel Verses Other Supermini


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Just had a test drive of the new 2012 Yaris 1.4 TR Diesel.

Some how, not too impresed. Is it just me?

Now I already have a 2010 TR Diesel, but was thinking why change at all.

Next we pased the Skoda Garage.

The New 2012 Fabia Mote Carlo 1.6 TDI 105bhp Diesel was outside, so I stopped and had a look.

Test drive booked for Friday.

Anyone else had other thoughts over the New Yaris.??


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Well Derp!

I was kinda committed to buying wor Tiddles a 1.6 diesel Fabia, seeing as we have the 1.6TDI Octavia.

It is a cracking wee engine with which we are well pleased, pity about the DSG gubbins it is attatched to, an ongoing saga,

some 9 months after first registering the fault, and finally getting the car booked in on 1st Jan............... we are still in the courtsey car..............our own being so far "un-fixable"..............................it might be fixed next week (=week 9) thank God its warranty work.

60 days at over £40 per day for the courtsey car ( I saw the hire docket)

Hence our switch to Toyota.

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