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Apexi Induction

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Howdy, thinking of buying an apexi intake for my compressor, I have seen one at nengun. Anybody used this firm and can you say whether they were good or you waited months for delivery.

Anybody tell me any drawbacks to this intake. It's a dry filter so should have no issues with MAF. I'm not really bothered about power gains, etc just something else to do under the bonnet.


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Think i was the first person on here to get an A'PEXi from them!

Delivery is somewhere between 4-6 weeks and you may or may not end up getting hit by customs charges.

I've had the A'PEXi for 4ish years i think.

Never had any issues, the filter beats the K&N in filtration tests and it won't stretch your MAF wires like the K&N as it sits it in roughly the same position as your airbox.

Only downside is the fitting instructions are in japanese :P

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I've been using an Apexi Power intake on my Corolla( with supercharged 4A-GZE) since 2004 with no problems. I'm on my third element - the instructions tell you to change the filter element every 25,000 miles.

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