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Iq Sunroof Re-Visited


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With this amazing run of fine weather, I have been rejoicing in the fact that I have the only IQ with a sunroof....

even with the power of hindsight, the decision to fit a roof has been borne out very day, and no problems

it gives a great feeling of open-ness without the noise of a side window open , nor the hum from the fan...

has anybody else toyed with the idea of fitting one?.................www.londonsunroof.co.uk

post-112763-0-12303100-1332855108_thumb. post-112763-0-08893400-1332855242_thumb.post-112763-0-71686400-1332855378_thumb.

ps....the upturned spoiler effect would look great with a rear door spoiler

cheers BarryC.

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yes Craig, there is an option to just lift the rear for easy ventilation...

cost was a little short of £400 all up.....half OE cost from other manufacturers

I must apologies for the hopeless pics....just getting used to Windows7, and forgot about all the fine 'details'....it has ended up looking like one big pic!!...or maybe a fancy panorama!

cheers barryc.

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Funny you should bring this back up, I was looking at this (when the money is there) and the same company quoted me £425 + VAT, so £510 all in!

This isn't going to happen anytime soon anyway as the bills have mounted up this month. Wish I could go back to earning some overtime!


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I'm taking the iQ to Coach Auto Restylers tomorrow to investigate the Webasto options. There is the lift up and back type that Corey has but I'm looking more for the "factory" look of a slider that stays under the skin.


This type...


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