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Drivers Seat Sagging


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The drivers seat has sagged to the extent its now uncomfortable does anyone know can the seat squab be replaced on its own or do you have to buy a complete seat? Also is the job of replacing this item easy or does it give problems. Its a 2008 2.2 T3X

Thanks Taxijim

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Hi,I also use mine as a taxi,I took the seat out and put some extra foam in the top of the seat squab but below the cover,at first it was a bit hard but settled to become more comfortable,my bolster has frayed through which makes it really look like a minicab I'm looking at changing it quite soon

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Does anyone know if the drivers seat (not upright back) base on my Carina II is a 'webbing' hammock OR thick foam on a solid/plate base?

My seat is like a 'pot hole' - :mellow: - and rock hard!!

Just thinking it might need removing and :-

A. Thick foam replaced... or

B. ReHanging the webbing/straps... ??


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