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1.33 V 1.4 Vvti


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hi all,

as 1.4 d4d corollas are hard to find with reasonable milage on them I might be buying a petrol one.

just wondering what do people think, is the 1.33 engine a better engine that the 1.4vvti ? the oil buring vvtis were sorted out 2003-2004 if I remember correctly.

when did the 1.33s actually come into production, Im not sure but think it was 2007 which would lead me to believe there are actually v few 1.33 corollas around?

all info appreciated

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In the UK the Corolla was replaced with the Auris in 2007 - so I presume your question is regarding the Auris. When the Auris was introduced it continued with the 1.4 VVTi 97bhp petrol engine as used in the last Corolla (2002-2007). The 1.33 Dual VVTi 101bhp petrol engine was introduced in 2009., together with stop/start technology and a six speed gearbox.

Not driven a 1.4 Auris - can only compare my current 1.33 with my previous 2006 Corolla 1.4 VVTi. The 1.33 Auris, being a heavier car, is slightly slower than the Corolla in terms of acceleration and speed - although in real terms, this is hardly noticed. Fuel consumption is a lot better: Corolla - 32 (city) to 42 (touring) mpg; Auris 36 (city)to 48 (touring) mpg.

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Well the Auris isn't designed for hooning about so the 1.33 isn't too bad. Doesn't really struggle too badly except when the car is heavily loaded.

The problem is if you've driven, say, a Yaris with the same engine - The Auris does feel quite laggy in comparison as it's quite a lot heavier!

The 1.6 would be nicer to drive I imagine, but it's a pity there's no 2.0 D4D option; The 2.0 D4D Corolla is great fun! (If only the clutch pedal wasn't so darn hard!)

But this is why my Yaris is so fun to drive; Same engine in a car that's something like 200kg lighter? Fun stuff :D (Well, aside from the terrifying handling :lol: )

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Some comparison figures for the Auris 1.4 and Auris 1.33:

Cubic cpacity - 1.4 1398cc, 1.33 1329cc (59cc less). Power - 1.4 97bhp, 1.33 101bhp (+4%). Torque - 1.4 130 Nm, 1.33 132 Nm (+2%). Fuel economy - 1.4 30.9mpg, 1.33 48.7mpg (+19%).

CO2 emissions - 1.4 163, 1.33 135 (-17%).

2012/13 Road Tax rates - 1.4 £170, 1.33 £120.

Acceleration - 1.4 12.7 secs to 60mph, 1.33 13.1 secs. Top speed - 1.4 106mph, 1.33 109mph

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would i be correct when I say the 1.4vvti oil burning problems were sorted out by 2003-2004 at the latest?

this involved a piston mod changing the number of oil cooling holes from 6 to 8 or something along those lines IIRC

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