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T- Spirit/t180 Alloy Wheels


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Hello to all,

due to an unfortunate accident ( not me driving) I am looking for a t least one wheel but two would be great for my beloved Avensis as per photo.

It is a 2.2 d4d 150 but the T180 wheels would akso fit ok.

Thanks ,,,,Pete,


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Have a look on eBay as well, and if any available within 60 miles (SCRAPPERS INCL.) or so of That Glasgow, geeza shout or PM.

Big Kev

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Thanks for that Kev,

looked on eBay and nothing as yet, I don't know what the "style" of wheel is called to search in that mode so just looking under 2.2 Avensis T-spirit and T180 models alloy wheels or cars breaking for spares. I posted on here by mistake so put it on the Avensis forum as well.

I have also got some suspension damage but have got some bits to sort that out hopefully! :unsure:

Moral of the story is NEVER lend your car to anyone as the fully comp insurance defaults to 3rd party for that driver even though their car ins was fully comp :yes: .

Thanks again mate ..... Pete.

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