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1987 St162 20.gt Owner Saying Hello Finally


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Hi guys n gals. I'm a pretty active owner regarding the Toyota forums,GT4 OC,Kent Car club .Celica club and ADL racing to name a few....about time i said hello really,i'm very enthusiastic regarding the older gen of Celica and Toyotas in general to be honest,do like a new car but i'm old Skool at heart but especially the underrated Generation 4 Celica;which is also a good reason to introduce myself on here :I've previously owned a mint '93 St205 GT4 JDM model,and alongside my current 162 i have a JDM gen5 Celica 2.0 GT-R 4WS which i hope to be running by the end of this summer.

Anyhow,thanks for looking,ill pop a few pics of my cars up but mainly of my Gen4,i bought her in 2009 as a bright pink paint faded example as all toyotas in the red from that era seem to go LOL.A lot of hard work,sourcing rare panels and general rust chasing later,and shes currently looking good,though always ongoing as we know...appreciate any comments!cheers all.

My old 205,now resides in Holland since last year.Still miss this car actually.



My gen5 GT-R



And my beloved 162




Hope you like!I'm actually in the process of helping to organise a meet at Billing ,Northampton in August:its not a singular club affiliated event,just an effort to get together as many of these rare 80s Gen4 Celica cars together as we can,i know a few members of the Celica club are hoping to attend,but its not a club thing at all;its purely an enthusiasts event: to show Gen4 Celicas,if anyone knows of any owners that may be interested on this site or anywhere else i would greatly appreciate it.Many thanks!

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