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2002 Toyota Allex Headlights Not Working

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Both my headlights on my 2002 Toyota Allex stopped working.

I've checked the fuses and they're all good. I've checked the bulbs and they're all good (both filaments).

My fog lights still work, and temporary hi-beams. Permanent Hi-beams doesn't work.

Yesterday morning the headlights came on, but after I switched them off and back on they stayed off.

Everything points to either a loose connection or faulty relay.

In the main fuse/relay box under the hood there are 6 relays, namely: fan 1, fan 2, horn, EFI (fuel pump), EMPS (??) and M/G CLT (??).

Where is the relay for the headlights located?

Any other ideas?

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I don't think there is a relay. Try a replacement switch off eBay or start checking things with your multimeter.

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