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Happy Birthday To Me ! ! ! ! !


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Its 41 to me today......yay......yippeeeeee.

Rav's fixed,good as new ( well almost ) still feels like when i bought it...( well it does !)

Would go for lovely long walk,but had a family ' do ' yesterday,and feeling a bit worse for it this morning.....hey ho !

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Can't get a better present than the Rav running well!!

Happy Birthday


Dave........you are sooooooo right there.

Been on my mind for months what was wrong with it.

Strange how such small issue's affect your daily life....feel soooo much more relaxed now its ok ......aaaaaah.....the relief to have a reliable Rav4 back.

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Happy birthday good sir, you share your birthday with my missus! I hope you have a grand day, and all the best.

Happy birthday to your good lady,hope you both have a lovely day.

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Happy birthday Rambles. Sounds like the car be better that you this morning. May you both be up to speed this afternoon. Failing that go 4 the hair of the dog remedy!

Mike D

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